I am Ramsha Sultan,

 from Delhi, India. 

I am an Electronics & Communication Engineer and Masters in Business Administration

I am also a Youtuber. I make videos on Beauty, Lifestyle,Fashion, Hijab Tutorials, Travel, Talk Series and more. 


During the first year of my Engineering College, I decided to start wearing Hijab. I struggled a lot in finding the right scarves. It took me one whole year to figure out what scarf material and size works best as Hijab.

When I started a Youtube Channel, comments & messages started pouring in, asking where do I buy my scarves from? Since I strived in the same field, I decided to help you guys. So, I started my own Hijab Brand, RAMSHA SULTAN- Elegantly Covered.

Here you can get Premium Quality Hijabs, Jewellery, Hijab Pins, Accessories, Under Scarves and a lot more.

Everything in this brand is handpicked by me. I have only chosen things which I would personally like to wear myself. 

I want to help every girl who wants to wear or try wearing Hijab. I want to be that one person whom you look up to for inspiration and help because I myself had no such guidance.

I  want to break the misconception that Hijab is an oppression on women. It’s not. I want to symbolise Hijab as a powerful tool which describes a strong woman who follows her religion and still slays the fashion industry.

I also aim to inspire Muslim Girls that wearing Hijab does not mean that you can’t carry it well. You can be fully covered and yet look amazing.

So Come, join me in my Hijab Journey and Get Elegantly Covered in Confidence!



Ramsha Sultan

( Founder & CEO )