QURAN - Urdu Translation In Roman Script & Arabic with English Transliteration

QURAN - Urdu Translation In Roman Script & Arabic with English Transliteration

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-Translated Quran with Arabic to English Transliteration and Urdu Translation 

-Perfect for Today's Generation

-Quran made Easy to Understand just like Youth's Texting Language (Urdu in Roman English Script)

-Good for those who are not comfortable in Arabic, English & Urdu but overall understand these languages.

-Hard Cover & Nice Quality Pages

- Once in a Lifetime Purchase, You will use it for Years!

-Perfect Gift for Yourself and Your Loved Ones ♥


-There are many instances where people are not able to read Urdu but can understand it very well whereas people can read English very well but are unable to understand some words written in roman English. The author has kept in mind this problem and hence has provided the solution by writing the Urdu in Roman English Script so that people can read English very well and understand each bit of it as it is pronounced in Urdu. – Holy Quran – Arabic Text with English Transliteration and URDU Translation in ROMAN Script.

-English Transliteration by Mr. Abdul Haleem Elias and Roman Urdu Translation by Maulana Qari Faheemudin Ahmed Siddiqui.



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